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How to encourage your husband + a decadent summer dessert

So, its been a long time since I was able to post…a lot has happened in the last two-ish months.

Paul and I got engaged, married, honeymooned, sold almost all of our belongings to move up to New York, and now we’re here…in New York! Whew! …lots going on, but life is finally starting to slow down, thankfully, and I can breathe again.

Yes, we found out the day before our wedding that Paul got into dental school in New York, just north of Manhattan in an area called Westchester County. We tried to enjoy our honeymoon, but of course, in our heads were the thoughts of, “where are we going to live?”, “where am I going to work?”, “we need to find a place to live that allows dogs, and it seems that no apartments up here want dogs”, “how are we going to afford this huge move?”, and “I just want to prop my feet up and relax after planning our wedding in a month!”

Yes, we planned our wedding in a month, mostly thanks to friends and family for chipping in and helping us out. Maybe that’ll be a blog post later…”Planning your dream wedding in 1 month DIY” 🙂 We knew that it was a possibility that Paul would get into dental school, but after not hearing anything from the school for 2 months after his interview, we kinda ruled it out and expected to stay in Columbia. Needless to say, it was meant to be that we got married so quickly.

So Paul just started classes this week, and I’m trying to find things to keep me busy. After going, going, going for so long, it’s hard to not have anything pressing coming up that needs to be done. But, needless to say, I’ve enjoyed finally being able to regularly exercise, cook, bake, and read. And yes, still looking for a nursing job up here too. But having a little break from work helps you re-evaluate what you really want from life.

Today I took our dog, Sadie, on a nice little run on the Westchester County South County Trailway. It’s a beautiful paved trail that seems to go on forever. Having not run in a while, I didn’t make it too far, but it was beautiful nonetheless and felt good to be active again.



She’s a little pooped out!

With my time in the apartment by myself, I’ve realized how anxious I am for Paul’s schooling. It really is amazing having a relationship with someone where you literally feel everything with the other person. But I know that anxiety can be contagious, and as his wife, I desire for my words and actions to do nothing but bring him up and encourage him. I came up with a little surprise idea for him. Everyone’s different with how they want to be encouraged. Some people want words to lift them up…a simple “I’m so proud of you!” can go a long way! Other people want to be cuddled and hugged without words. And some people do best with a kind gesture such as making a special meal…food is definitely the way to Paul’s heart <3

My plan for Paul’s encouragement today was to pick out bible verses that would lift him up, specifically with studying and preparing for his future…promises from the Lord that we have such strength when we put our trust in Him. I placed little notecards with encouragement around the house and try to have other items to keep us focused on what’s important.

















Like I said, the way to Paul’s (and most men’s) heart is through his stomach. I surprised him with a little treat after dinner.

I’ve been experimenting with gluten free cooking and baking options because my tummy has not been feeling too good with gluten 🙁 Paul is skeptical about the gluten-free stuff because to so many people it’s just a fad, but I feel so much better when avoiding gluten. Yes, I am in a state of denial at times and go for the pizza slices, but reap the consequences after.

So, all that being said, I have also been craving cherries…and chocolate! And together, I knew it’d be a treat we’d enjoy. I whipped up this dessert of “Cherry Chocolate Mousse Pots with Almond Coconut Crust”. This is a yummy rich, but tangy dessert that is gluten free and lactose free. And did I say, too easy you won’t even believe it!

Go ahead, try it on your man and tell me he doesn’t swoop you off your feet with joy! But be sure to throw in some encouraging words with it. He’ll be sure to feel loved by it.



IMG_3459                IMG_3460


To start you’ll need 4 ramekins or small dishes that can be put into the oven, 3/4 cup of almond flour, 3 Tbs coconut flour, 1 egg white, and 1/4 cu of coconut oil. I got this coconut flour from our neighborhood grocery store and made the almond flour from the leftover almond pulp when I made almond milk this week (will do blog post on that to follow).


IMG_3462     IMG_3463     IMG_3464

Your next step is forming the crust with these ingredients. Pour all ingredients into a mixer or food processor and mix thoroughly.



Divide the crust into the four ramekin dishes and pat firmly into the bottom and slightly up the sides. Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes until you see a slightly golden and crispy crust.

                                     IMG_3473        IMG_3474

Next you’ll need to half and pit the cherries. I used about 1 1/2 cup of cherries but the amount is really up to you! There’s no easy way to pit cherries…well, maybe they have some handy kitchen device out there to pit cherries but really, how often would you use that? I simply sliced, separated, and dug out the pit…easy as that!


Evenly divide cherry halves into each dish.


IMG_3476       IMG_3478

Next for the mousse filling. Mix 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips…or any chocolate to your preference and 1 cup of full fat coconut milk in a stovetop pot. Whisk on medium heat and stir constantly until chocolate is well melted combined.



Pour chocolate mixture over the cherries in your ramekins and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours to solidify…or if you’re like me and you want dessert sooner (who doesn’t!) just put in the freezer for 30 mins.


Top with some shredded unsweet coconut if you like and dig in!

Let me know if you try this encouragement idea and how it goes. Too often we get wrapped up in our business that we forget the power of pausing and giving encouragement to those around us.

Hope you can use this bit of chiffon to make life more lovely!


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