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Anti-hoarding + Jeans makeover

Hey there! Hope you all have been able to stay cool. I’m not gonna lie, this past weekend was spent completely indoors for fear of facing the heat and humidity outdoors. I feel like the older I get the less I enjoy the heat. Yes, it was hot here in New York, too. That’s probably been the biggest surprise to Paul and me…how is it just as hot, or hotter here and we’re some 720 miles north of where we just moved from in South Carolina. Its a mystery to me. 

In my time indoors, I’ve been noticing all the “hidden messy” spaces of our apartment. You know, the spaces where they look clean at a quick glance around the space, but when you start digging in drawers and searching for clothes in your closet you realize how much unnecessary stuff you have. This morning was a very enjoyable anti-hoarding session where I went through everything from the front door table to the closet to the bathroom cabinets. It was such a great feeling I thought I’d share with you guys some tips on organizing your home and cutting down on unnecessary items collecting dust to then be able to live a more simple life. I think maybe moving up here played a big role in my mindset changing to this type of thinking. We sold nearly everything I had in my old apartment in South Carolina in order to, one, have less to bring up here, and two, start fresh with starting our new life together. 

Its so funny, looking back. When I was younger I was quite the hoarder. I collected every paper I did in school, every art project, every birthday card, and christmas card, and thank you card. Whew, as you can imagine…lots of stacks of paper. Not to mention, I had the hardest time giving clothes away. Who doesn’t wrestle with the inward battle of, “surely I’ll wear that again…no, I haven’t worn it in the last 3 years, but it’ll come around and I’ll HAVE to wear it somewhere.” My room was always clean, but my closet was piled so high with things that you could barely open the door. It has taken such a long time to work on my minimalist mindset…I’m still working on it. But having moved so much lately, from college dorm to house with friends, to nannying and living with another family, to having my own apartment, to now, I’ve learned the blessing it is to have less. And I haven’t once felt in need. 

So, some things I’ve learned with journeying towards a more minimalistic lifestyle…

  1. KEEP THINGS IN SMART LOCATIONS…If its not readily available, you wont give it the use it deserves. 
  3. REGULARLY GO THROUGH YOUR THINGS AND QUESTION…if you don’t use it now, or wear it now, chances are you should donate or get rid of it. 
  5. BE HARD ON YOURSELF… really challenge yourself to let go of the unnecessary

Now for the exciting part. As mentioned above, something I’ve discovered is that a simple tweak to an item can completely make it feel new and more useful! For me, most of the time, this is with clothes. Going through my jeans today, I realized I had two pairs of light-washed denim jeans. At first I thought I’d just donate one of them that wasn’t as comfortable or stylish. But then the idea hit me…REFASHION! I was in need of a good pair of denim shorts so why not transform the less appealing jeans into a pair of shorts. The wonderful thing about refashioning these jeans is that I could decide exactly how long I wanted my shorts. For me, that means on the longer, more modest length these days. It was so easy, and when I put them on, it was like they weren’t even the old pants at all! They fit better in the butt (before, they seemed to fall down around my hips). They also were a perfect length! 



Refashioning your jeans into shorts is simple…all you need is a pair of good fabric scissors and some chalk. First, put the jeans on and determine what length you want. Go longer than that length because you’ll want to roll up the shorts at the bottom, so allow room for that. Then, using the chalk, draw a line where you want your shorts cut. You only need to draw one line on one of the legs. Then, take them back off and lay them down. Fold the jeans in half so that you can see the chalk line you just drew and line up your hems to be able to cut the same length on the other leg. Cut one leg at a time, following your chalk line. When you’re done, put them on and role them up if desired…I rolled mine up twice to get a clean look. Make sure they’re a good length for you and you’re done! A, what feels like, brand new pair of shorts…and you didn’t even leave your house! 








So tell me, what have you learned while “anti-hoarding” your house? Did you find anything you could “refashion”? I’d love to hear about it…happy organizing! Now its time for a nap! 




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