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I love Sunday’s! Growing up we were always encouraged by my parents to use Sunday as a chance to rest and relax and think on Gods goodness to us. I didn’t quite understand or appreciate this view until I started working full time. Now, any excuse I can get to take a step back and be still I greatly accept! I believe our bodies, yes, were made to work, but they were also made to find rest on a regular basis. 

As I said last week, I’m super excited to not have to worry about finding a job anymore. I’m glad to say I’ll be starting my new job as a Pediatric nurse at a clinic just 10 minutes from our apartment on Monday! I never in a million years would have seen myself being a peds nurse, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my spiritual walk, never say never. 

Back in high school and some of college I worked for a pediatrician at her clinic. That pediatrician was my mother. It was a fun experience for me to work with my mom, and I was grateful for the experience.  I did everything including  answer phone calls, make appointments, bug people about the money they owe, test people’s urine, swab their throat as they cough in your face, and even clean the fish tank! It’s not that it was a bad job…despite some of the grody tasks, I loved it. But I always made excuses to why I’d never go into pediatrics. The kids scream too much, the parents challenge you too much, It’s not “cool” enough. Plus my mom did the peds thing and, goodness knows,I couldn’t be like her! Like I said, it’s funny sometimes where the Lord leads us when we take down our silly barriers. 

So, moving up to New York and starting the job hunting process, I had in mind to continue in labor and delivery. I applied to a few related jobs, but none of them felt good. I began to get discouraged that I would never find something that would bring me joy as well as provide  what Paul and I needed at this point. That’s when I happened upon this job opportunity. Everything felt right. 

Isnt it interesting how the Lord leads? Sometimes we want a loud verbal shout to do one thing or another, but for me, most often I hear the Lord through His gentle whisper…”Didn’t you know I would take care of you? Didn’t you know I’d provide? You are my child and I love you.” There’s a peace in my soul that confirms to me that my patience and steadfastness was not in vain. 

Through this process I feel like God is, again, teaching me some things about who I am and who He is. I am weak, always prone to worry about every little thing. I try to take matters in my life into my own hands and not relinquish them to my Lord who graciously wants to carry all of my burdens, big and small. I am impatient and quick to believe that when God is silent He isn’t listening, when the reality is He’s teaching me something greater than I can comprehend. 

What would it look like if we stopped living in fear and worry? What would change if we lived in confidence and trust in our Creator? How is it so hard to give up control? Every day is a choice, every day a decision to be free and stop trying to be our own god. It’s a struggle for me, but thank the Lord that we don’t have to do it on our own. Our Lord takes care of us when we put our confidence in Him. 

Hope you all have a blessed week and rest in the confidence of our Savior Jesus. Feel free to share your struggles with control, how the Lord is teaching you to be confident in Him. 



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