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A Change in My Health & Fitness Philosophy Led to My Best Health Ever!

There’s so many blogs out there on how to be healthy and why to be healthy and someone’s personal opinion on how to achieve being healthy. It really can become overwhelming and difficult to filter out the real stuff versus the crap that doesn’t work. Ive spent my fair share of time researching “How to be Healthy”, which for me turned into an obsession and very UNHEALTHY body & mind. How was it that the very goal I was trying to achieve with myself was so detrimental and gave me the absolute opposite! It doesn’t make sense…or does it? 


If you haven’t noticed, everyone is different, every body is different, and people come up with some very weird ways to be “healthy”. Not only that but with so many people struggling to lose weight, there’s so many different diets out there on how to be slim quick or get those dancer legs or perfectly gridded abs…have you noticed that hardly anyone talks about how to just be healthy. I’m not talking about low calorie diets or low carb diets or grapefruit diets or green juice diets…but how does a normal human being take care of his/her body EVERY SINGLE DAY! All those diets may be a thing for a week or so, but what about on the daily? How on earth do I feed my body in the way that it was made for? 

That was the question I wrestled with for so many years. I looked at websites and books but everything was geared toward losing weight…so what did I do? I lost weight, too much weight. But I didn’t realize I was being unhealthy because I was doing everything that people were telling me to do to “be healthy”. But now that my philosophy on health has changed, I see the bondage I was in previously to never “mess up”. I would worry about eating anything unhealthy and had a mindset that one cookie meant extra time at the gym! I was trapped in my mind and didn’t know how to get out. 



People would see me and ask if everything was ok…”What’s wrong?”, I’d think to myself, “I’m just trying to be healthy!” 

It wasn’t until two years ago that I my eyes were opened and I realized,  I’m not being healthy! I began having a lot of stomach issues and narrowed it down to a gluten and lactose sensitivity. I know it’s weird that this is what helped me get out of the pit I was in with my eating and exercise habits, but I began to not think about food as an evil anymore! Food was my cure! I realized that when I ate healthful and wholesome food, I felt incredible! Not only physically, but also mentally. My whole mindset changed from worry and anxiety with eating to pure delight and enjoyment. 

I swapped out low fat and light options for the real deal. I made everything I could at home. I was no longer scared of fat in my diet because I knew that good fat helps satiate and keep my skin and hair and insides strong and lubricated. I became less “hangry” less frequently because I was well fed! I didn’t have to snack as much because I was satisfied by the protein and fat in my diet. And above all, I began to see my body as the beautiful body I was given! When I stopped obsessing over what health magazines call a healthy diet and instead listened to my body and gave it food that I knew would make it feel good inside, I became happier in my own skin! 



Now on to exercise. Anyone who knows me knows I love exercising and staying strong. But things have changed for me lately. I used to be an avid runner…like every single day! And if I wasn’t running, I was teaching spin classes. And if not that, I was doing HIIT videos in my bedroom. This obsession with exercise paralleled with my obsession with healthy eating. I did it because I thought you had to exercise intently EVERY DAY in order to be healthy. Yes, I still enjoyed it, but I didn’t realize I was holding myself back from really enjoying all the activity my body could do! 

Now, my fitness routine has greatly changed! I still like to go out for an occasional run, but only if it’s a pretty day outside. I love biking, especially with all of the gorgeous trails around me. Lately I’m super into fitness videos because I can stay at home and do them inside if it’s too hot or too cold or too gross outside. I especially love some Pilates-barre combos because I feel long and lean and beautiful when I stretch my body and hold crazy poses! And isn’t that what exercising is all about?…Strengthening your body and feeling beautiful inside and out! 



No, I’m not as fast running as I used to be, and I definitely can’t go as far as I used to most days…I can’t do as many push-ups as I used to and my abs aren’t as defined. But I’m happy with where I am and the body I have. I still strive to be healthy, but the definition has changed for me. I love good food but don’t stress over it, and I aim to love my workouts every single day whether it’s a relaxing yoga video or an intense run. Because that’s how I feel beautiful! 

inside AND  out! 


Tell me…how do you remind yourself that you are truly beautiful? What makes you feel strong and beautiful, inside and out? Do you feel like all the media has you confused about how to be healthy? I’d love to hear from you…just comment below! 


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