Bye-Bye Gym Membership: My Top 5 Favorite Free Home Workout Videos

I used to be a major gym-goer. Some would venture to say I was somewhat of a “gym bunny”. Don’t know where that term came from, but apparently it’s a thing. Basically, I thrived from a daily trip to the gym where I could easily “check off” working out for the day whether it was raining, or too cold, or too hot. I will say, that is a nice feature of gyms, as well as the variety of equipment they have, but today I want to give you some resources to love your workouts and feel like you accomplished something without even leaving your house! That’s right, no gym membership, no taking time to drive somewhere, and you’re still stronger because of it! 

My view of gyms has changed a lot the last few years. I know that for some people a gym is super good for keeping them motivated. They’ve got their routine, they stick to it, and they get work done! Good for you if that’s you! But after a few years of religiously going to the gym, attending various fitness classes, tedious amounts of time spent in a treadmill, I began to feel like a hampster on a wheel. I felt so fake. It was like I was just working out because I felt I had to, not because I enjoyed it.

That’s when I decided to quit being the gym-goer I used to be. I said “bye bye” to treadmills and weight machines. Part of this was because I didn’t want to pay for an extra thing right now, but also, I love the ability to stay at home, get a workout done at my convenience, and continue on with my day.



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I have found so many awesome workouts online, all absolutely free! Most of the time I like trying something new each day, but sometimes it’s nice to bring one back around if I really really like it! I’m going to share with you some of my favorite free resources for getting the best workouts right in your home!

I will say, I invested in a good set of weights and an exercise mat, but they were well worth it! Way cheaper than months paying a gym for sure! And way more convenient!

Ok, so here we go…my top 5 favorite free online workout videos! There’s a good variety here, so you’re bound to fall in love with one of these. 

1. Fitness Blender Cardio Kickboxing and Core Workout: 

This workout guys…SOO GOOD! It’s so much fun and a good way to relieve any stress or tension. I mean, you’re practicing ninja moves here! And when I first did this workout I was like, “that wasn’t hard,” but the next day my muscles were soo sore! You work muscles in your upper body you didn’t even know you had! Also kickboxing just makes me feel like a boss. And really, all of the fitness blender workouts are incredible! Last perk, no equipment is required to get this workout on! 


2.  The Ultimate Cardio Pilates Workout From Pop Sugar

This one I’ve done numerous times and still love it! The energy is high, so it keeps me interested, and it’s only 30 minutes but it touches on every muscle in your body! You need only a light set of weights, but man, do you feel the burn! 


3.  Total Body Ballet Barre Workout by Shaunna Kathleen

This is my go-to night time workout for those days when you want a good workout but not a lot of jumping around. If you’ve never done a ballet barre workout, you’re missing out! They ignite muscles you didn’t even know existed and your legs will be quivering afterwards. I always feel refreshed and relaxed, though, after I do this workout. And not to mention, I love how it makes me feel like the graceful dancer I never was (or will be, lol). Shaunna Kathleen has a lot of other videos on her YouTube channel that are worth looking into as well. 


4. 30 Minute Workout With Tony Horton of P90X

Ok, so I just did this particular workout for the first time this morning with Paul and it was INCREDIBLE! This workout was great because it, again, is only 30 minutes and hits your whole body! There’s no equipment needed and a good combo of strength and cardio through quick intervals. This workout is great for that early morning energy booster to get the blood pumping and ready for the day! 


5. Total Body Strength & Toning with Fitness Blender

Here’s another Fitness Blender because they have such a vast library of free workout videos and they’re all amazing! You can filter your searches to how hard you want your workout, what areas you want to work, how many calories you want to burn and how long you want to work…incredible! This workout does require a set of weights, but it’s an awesome workout to strengthen and tone your whole body. I’ve found that I feel best and get the best results when I get a good mix between cardio and strength. Strong is the new skinny these days! 

Did you see anything that interests you? The great thing is that I never get bored because there’s a workout for every mood I’m in! Having the ability to switch up my workout keeps me interested and excited! Let me know if you try any of these workouts and tell me what you thought! 


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