16 Minute Stability Ball Workout-Tabata Style

Good morning my strong and beautiful friends! Today I bring you Steel & Chiffon’s very first workout! It’s taken me a little while to figure out exactly how I wanted to do this section of the blog, but I’m excited to give you a workout today that’s currently one of my favorites for an all-over burn! 

So back in previous posts I’ve discussed how my fitness philosophy has changed over the years, going from being a “gym bunny” running aimlessly on a treadmill to doing most of my workouts at home through some awesome free workout videos! My new mantra is “work smarter not harder”, and I can honestly say I have more energy and feel better about myself when I remember this phrase. I’ve noticed less “yo-yo workouts” (similar to yo-yo dieting where you just burn out with workouts and then quit), and feel more empowered to feed my body nutritious fuel. It’s interesting how diet and exercise are so closely intertwined. You can’t have a healthy life without a balance of both. Ive noticed that when I eat healthy I want to exercise, and when I exercise I want to eat healthy! Do you notice that trend in yourself? 


So I want to give you a simple, quick, and effective workout to target all your muscles. No excuses for this one because it only takes 16 minutes! If you’re subscribed to Steel & Chiffon, you got the newsletters this week talking about my new morning routine that helps me jump start having a good day. One of those things was getting a quick and effective workout in early, where I don’t have time to let the craziness of the day make me miss out on getting the blood pumping. Once the day starts it’s easy to make excuses, so I find that waking up just 20 minutes earlier helps me stay focused and not neglect my workout. 

All you need for this workout is a mat and stability ball. I recently picked mine up at Walmart for $7…again, no excuses because this piece of equipment is guaranteed way cheaper than your gym membership! 

We have today six different moves using the stability ball in a tabata style routine. This means each exercise will be performed for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break. You’ll do 6 sets of each move in this format and then move onto the next move. This all adds up to a full body workout, done in just 16 minutes! 

Back to working smarter not harder…the best way to get results in a short amount of time is by pushing yourself to the max for a short amount of time followed by a break. This “high intensity interval training” format will guarantee results of lean muscle mass and calorie burn much more effectively than running for hours on end at a steady pace on a treadmill. I personally would rather use my precious time wisely and spend less time working out, allowing more time for other things I enjoy! What about you? 


Perform each exercise a total of 6 rounds, each of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds break. 

Standing core circles






Decline push-ups and knee pull-ins







Laying ball transfers








Laying pendulum 







Back extension





Butt lifts





And now you’re done with you’re super quick but effective full body strengthening workout! 

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