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Comfort Is Overrated

I think I’ve shared a little about how I’ve changed a lot over the last few years…not just in one thing or another, but in all sorts of areas of my life! Sometimes it scares me to think that I’m having to re-discover who this Victoria is today, but then I think about all the things life’s taught me lately and I realize I’m actually glad Ive grown to be a different person! 





Some things are the same, of course, but thinking about it, I realize that even down to my previous coffee-addicted self, I’ve grown less extreme in my personality and likes. Here’s some examples…


Im still neat and tidy, but…Ill let the dishes sit for a night without fretting about them through the night. 

I love a big salad with all the toppings, but…sometimes I’ll go for a little bacon crumbled on top without thinking of the added fat content. 

Occasionally I’ll opt for black tea in the morning instead of religiously drinking coffee.

I exercise to feel good, not out of fear of gaining weight. 

The bed doesn’t always have to be made, but I do prefer to crawl into nicely tucked sheets.

You don’t always have to run…sometimes a walk does more for the soul! 

Its ok to not have a plan for everything…spontinaety is fun and exciting! 



These are just a few examples of ways that I’ve grown to relax and just enjoy life. “Stop and enjoy the roses” is what they say, right? 

Through these little changes, I’m realizing that comfort is so over-rated! When we’re so dead set in our ways, we miss out on all that life has to offer. I used to be such an introvert…like I scored 99% introvert when you do those personality tests in high school. I guarantee that if I took hat test again it’d read so differently! Where before, I cringed when someone I hardly knew came and gave me a big hug, I’m in the mindset now that the more hugs the better! Where before, going somewhere I wasn’t familiar with was a little intimidating, now I get excited at the opportunity to try something new. Where before, being in a room with strangers was torture, now I try to see it as a way to make new friends and connections. And you know what? I feel so much more confident when I put aside all those barriers I had set up for myself in the past. I’m more empowered and ready to take on anything that comes my way!



Id love to say that I’m completely “comfortable with being un-comfortable”, but I’m not. I still get super anxious when learning a new skill. I still am uncertain when trying something different or going to a place I don’t know anyone. I still get stuck being stagnant and not taking opportunities to explore all the world has to offer. But I’m so glad that life isn’t about ever being done learning. It’s the exact opposite. Life is about constantly growing and learning as much as you can. It’s about going out of your comfort to become a stronger person.  

Hey, how have you dealt with that comfort zone? What helps you get out and try new things? I’m that moment of discomfort, what makes you persist to what you know will make you a stronger person? 




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