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With winter and cold & flu season among us, its important to be on top of preparing your immunity for all the bugs out there that can get us sick. Did you know that staying healthy at this time of year (and any time of year, really) can be just as easy as eating better? Today I’m super uper excited to welcome a guest post from nutrition consultant, and good friend of mine, Lere Robinson. Lere has been in the business of consulting people on nutrition for the last 19 years and has such a heart for sharing the knowledge that eating good, wholesome food can sometimes be all that we need for our bodies to prevent illness, heal from illness, and feel our ultimate best! She has an incredible knowledge of the basics for increasing immunity, so I only saw fit to ask her to share a little bit with you guys on how to better prepare your body and immune system to fight sickness this winter! Lere will share with us today “Five Foundations for Health” as well as “Three Simple Ways to Wellness”.

Please welcome…Lere Robinson, friends! 

When seasons change, many folks seem to struggle with seasonal allergies and illnesses. Keep in mind that whenever you are sick, you may need to rethink how you’re feeding yourself to promote a healthy immune system. One of the best ways to keep your immune system in good working order is to eat a diet that is natural, unprocessed and includes a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, whole grains, and cold pressed oils. This will ensure that all of the essential nutrients are received intact and in the most usable form. No nutrient works alone…all are dependent of many others to be effective and usable to the body. 

Instead of embarking on reckless diets, it is far better to begin the process of laying a strong nutritional foundation for good health – one you can build on for the rest of your life. It is the difference between being stuck in your old ways and sticking with life-long fundamental principles that will help you achieve optimum wellness.

Here are 5 basic principles of health…


Cell Food
Your cells cannot survive without pure, whole, natural fresh foods as well as good quality whole food supplementation.

Cell Exercise
Exercise is so important to keeping your cells healthy. Get moving for at least an hour each day as well as some form of aerobic activity, something to get your heart rate up, at least 4 times a week. 

Cell Environment
It is important that you drink enough clean water daily, especially first thing in the morning (with a squeeze of fresh lemon) as well as drinking 30-60 minutes prior to a meal so as to satiate your body and minimize over-eating. 

Cell Protection
A healthy immune system is the best defense against disease and illness which requires proper nourishment, rest, and stress management.

Healthy Mental Attitude
Much can be said for a positive attitude yielding positive results. Laugh, be happy, and you are able to help your cells fight off illness and disease.

Three Simple Steps To Wellness

I feel that we should be applying the following three steps on a daily basis.

Eliminate those things that will result in poor health. Avoid foods that are processed which are mostly high fat and calorie dense including candy, cookies, sodas, chips, cheese, and too much red meat – especially processed meats. Avoid or reduce stress, reduce alcohol and avoid smoking. Cleaning the body (detoxification is vital). Toxins can be flushed from the body with the right foods such as fiber as well as AIM Herbal Fiberblend. 

If we try to build a diet around whole foods, drinking eight glasses of pure water each day as well as the correct supplements, our cells will be nourished to be their best. I use AIM Barley Life as well as AIMega to make sure my body is getting the right nutrients and healthy fats. 

Because we don’t live in the mountains and grow our own barley or wheat grass and breathe pure fresh air, I believe that it is necessary to supplement ones diet with whole food supplements. I always encourage folks to replenish the body with the good fats. A good quality essential fatty acid supplement is vital! 

Good Eating Habits



  • Add more raw veggies to your diet; try a veggie you have never eaten before
  • Eat cultured/fermented foods or consider taking a daily probiotic like AIM Flora Food. You will never achieve ultimate health unless you have the correct blend of good bacteria in your gut. Probioitcs are the beneficial bacteria that help us digest our food correctly.
  • Eat more leafy greens: try a kale salad or make a quiche using swiss chard and use baby spinach and darker lettuce varieties in your salads.
  • Snack on fresh fruit (an apple, pear, strawberries or blueberries) between meals with 6-12 almonds.
  • Exchange instant, high sugar oatmeal for old-fashioned oatmeal or steel cut oats.
  • Liven up your salads with a few raw nuts, seeds and diced avocado.
  • Replace refined carbohydrates with ancient grains like quinoa, millet and try black rice – delicious.


Lere Robinson, Nutritional Consultantand founder of Alive Again LLC. 

So grateful to Lere for sharing her wisdom in how to better take care of our bodies and protect them against illness! These concepts of sticking to raw, natural, wholesome ingredients and foods are simple…it takes dedication to say “NO” to the aisles and aisles of processed foods at the grocery store, but ultimately think about this…you eating healthy and whole prevents illness and give the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals necessary for your body to function. That sounds good, right? I want that and I’m sure you want that. Taking some baby steps to get there is important, but don’t be discouraged at this time of year when there’s a party every weekend and lots of goodies to snack on that may not be the best for your body. Take each day and decide THAT DAY to eat to fuel! 

Hey, did you notice some of the products mentioned above? AIM is a supplementation company that provides wonderful products based solely on wholesome ingredients (what we’ve talked about that our body needs for healthy immunity!). The great thing is, you can easily find and purchase these same products and help your body fight infection and illness this winter just by visiting my AIM store. Super easy, but I guarantee these products are incredible to jump start your health!

Also, check out Lere’s page at Alive Again Online to see more from her and her business. 

Stay healthy this winter and say “Yes” to whole ingredients! 




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