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“Well, That’s Unfortunate”…A Guide to Dealing with Stress Well

Oftentimes we’re not prepared for the stress that life throws at us. We like the predictable things of life, and the unexpected scares us. What’s the response…STRESS! The body was made to let us know when something’s not right. It’s called the autonomic or “flight or flight” response. Your heart starts racing, your eyesight because more acute, your breathing increases…it’s time to get out of there! The same response to a dangerous situation is the same response the body goes through from stress. How you deal with those moments is so important to good health. 

I’ll say this week was one of those unexpected stressful times. Paul’s computer gave out, so we had to up and get another one for him to use for school. Then, a few days later, our car was having some issues and was unable to be driven for a few days until we figured out what was wrong with it. Those were the big things going on, but it was just one of those weeks when we felt like life was crumbling around us and we were scrounging for pieces to hang on to stay afloat. You ever experienced that feeling?…

What could have been approached as a catastrophe was, instead, taken piece by piece. We simply had to make some adjustments to our everyday, routine life. Instead of being able to jump in the car and drive to work, I found a bike path that lead straight to work. Paul figured out the public transportation to be able to make it to school. It all worked out. 

Same thing with the computer. In the past I may have had a mental breakdown over not having sufficient funds to up and buy a laptop, we’ve chosen to plan ahead and be prepared for anything that unexpectedly comes up and needs our finances. We started an “Emergency Fund” savings account for those things in life that come up and require money. Being prepared in this way saved us from so much stress and agony. 

It seems like a lot of people build their lives on stress. They cling to it almost as if it gives them some kind of credibility that they’re working hard or successful. I beg to differ…I get so scatterbrained when I’m stressed. I miss things that I was supposed to do and end up just wasting time running around in circles. Honestly, how do people do it? 

Instead of choosing the stressful route of life the next few months, why not reevaluate how you deal with the stress that comes your way. Choose to pick your battles, in a sense…determine what it is that’s actually necessary to stress about. And as for all the other stuff. Brush it off, my friends, just brush it off!

Ok, ok…easier said than done! Here I’ve provided you with some tips you can use next time your hair starts standing up and your heart begins to race from stress…

  1. Breathe! Oftentimes when we’re stressed we forget to breath which is actually the best thing we can do! For me, this is a silent moment in prayer. 
  2. Take some seconds to ask yourself whether or not this is something worth being stressed about. 
  3. Go for a walk…or some sort of exercise. Exercise produces endorphins which are the absolute best way to ward off stress. 
  4. Don’t let stress lead to “stress-eating”! Eating poorly could affect your health, which would only lead to more stress on your body. 
  5. Think of ways to be prepared for the next time. Like we decided to have an emergency fund, think of ways you can decrease stress for future situations.

Let me tell you, you’re listening to what used to be the worst crazy stressful person out there! So if I can mellow out and learn the beauty of taking a chill-pill, so can you! Reality hits, we’re all going to hit the crazy sometimes, but knowing simple ways to deal with stress can make the world of difference to you and all of those around you! 

Hey…let me know what your thoughts are! What stresses you out the most? What do you do that helps you manage your stress well? Comment below and lets chat! 

I’ll start…what stresses me out the most is deviating from my set plan in my head for how my day should go. I try to manage it by talking to Paul about it and sipping some tea! Cant wait to hear what you guys have to say!  


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    December 9, 2016 at 5:21 pm

    Victoria, what a great article!! I loved reading your story and helpful tips to combat stress. Definitely need more things like this in my life.

    • Reply
      December 10, 2016 at 9:05 am

      So glad to hear that Tracy! Stress is more dangerous than we think…we all could learn to deal with it a little better!

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