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5 Clean Eating Practices for the New Year

OK, so you have these goals set to eat well this year. NOW WHAT! How do you go about setting yourself up for success for your healthy eating goals? Today I want to share with you 10 Clean Eating Practices for the New Year…and beyond! 

Clean Eating Practice #1: Have a plan that’s realistic

You may not naturally be a planner by heart, but without taking time to think through your week and determining your meals, it’s so much easier to make poor health decisions. But one thing to think about…know yourself! Know your schedule, know things that are healthy that you like. Because when the week comes around and you have healthy meals planned, but they take too much time or aren’t delicious, you’re going to be disappointed and not stick with it. 


Any one knows that setting a goal for yourself is so much harder alone. So don’t be alone! Grab a friend to help keep you accountable. Share with them what you want to accomplish and why. Write your goals down and place them somewhere you see every day so that you’re constantly reminded of what you want to accomplish. You can do this!

CLEAN EATING PRACTICE #3: Remember that it’s ok to say “No”

This is such a toughy! People offer you things that aren’t in you clean-eating parameters or offer you a second helping when you’re already full, and it’s so hard sometimes to just say, “no”. Aside from sticking to what you’ve planned in the week, keeping a food diary is often helpful. If I feel in a rut of making poor food choices, I’ve found that the My Fitness Pal app is really helpful! And just know, it’s you’re body. You’ve got the power to choose what you want to feed it, and you don’t have fall short of eating well in order to please anyone. Let your body tell you how to feed it. 

CLEAN EATING PRACTICE #4: Include healthy treats 

Ok, so yes, sometimes we should say “no” to things, but like I always say, BALANCE IS KEY! Having a balanced life with freedom to indulge is soo important. We are not to be enchained by food. My philosophy is, as much as possible, stick to more healthy options such as chia pudding or a fruit salad or even just a plain square or two of dark chocolate. Food is to be enjoyed, and having treats helps you to keep that in mind. 

CLEAN EATING PRACTICE #5: Start your day with a positive attitude

If you start off thinking negative thoughts, it most likely is just going to go downhill from there. Start your day intentionally thinking well of yourself and your body. I like to spend a moment to thank God for my body as well as ask Him for strength to make good decisions. Go back to your goals for how you want to live well, but also have grace on where you are now. 

Ok, now for the work! But if I can leave you with one more piece of advice as you begin a life of better clean-eating habits…

Enjoy the Ride! 

Soon, my friend, you will learn to love wholesome food. Eating nutritious meals won’t be so hard. And each day will give you more and more strength to do the things you love doing. 

Hey, these are things I’ve found help me with eating a clean-diet…what are your tricks? Just share below. 




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