5 Minute Plank Burnout

Its been a while since I posted a workout with you guys, so today I’m sharing my super quick plank series that’ll have your core nice and tight in just 5 minutes! 

Its more than just the desire for six pack abs. It’s about building muscle to protect your back and spine! I definitely noticed that when I didn’t work my abs for a month or two my posture suffered, leading to my back feeling flimsy and weak.

But here, friends, we’re gonna change all that! And all you need is a mat and five minutes of your time! No excuses…FIVE MINUTES in the morning quick before you run off to work, FIVE MINUTE  on your lunch break, or FIVE MINUTES in the evening while watching your favorite show! 

I will tell you…there’s one thing that’s hardest about this workout. 

Getting on the floor and just doing it! 

Here’s what you’ll get from this workout when done consistently…

  1. Stronger abdominal muscles
  2. Stronger back…therefore less back pain
  3. Toned arms and shoulders
  4. Better posture
  5. A sense of accomplishment that you did planks for a nonstop 5 minutes! 

So find that time of day that works for you and get PLANKING!

Here’s the flow of the workout written out, and below is a video to help demonstrate all of the moves. 

0:00-0:30 regular plank

0:30-1:00 regular plank rocking back and forth

1:00-1:30 side plank 

1:30-2:00 side plank dips

2:00-2:30 regular plank

2:30-3:00 regular plank with knee-ins

3:00-3:30 side plank opposite side

3:30-4:00 side plank dips opposite side

4:00-4:30 regular plank

4:30-5:00 regular plank up downs





Hope you enjoyed the workout! Visit my Youtube Channel as well for other videos. Share with friends and family and give me a like on YouTube if you felt a burn with this one…if you didn’t you’re superhuman! 


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