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Things I’m Loving In…January!

Hey there friends! So this year I’m going to start doing a series each month called “Things I’m Loving In…” where I share just that — things that I’ve discovered or rediscovered and loved in each month. This month has some good ones so get ready! 

Oh, January. You came like a gust of wind over a mountain top and then dispersed like vapor. (My attempt at writing pretty pictures, don’t laugh!) But really, am I the only one that feels like January was here and then gone? I feel like I was just planning for Thanksgiving and now the joyous holiday season is gone. But that doesn’t mean January wasn’t a joyous month, no way jose! January brought about trying lots of new things and loving them…all of which I will share with you right…wait for it…NOW! 


MY FIRST DSLR CAMERA: Yes, friends…I felt like a kid again when I gathered the money I’d been strategically saving to buy a decent camera for blogging and just life. I ended up deciding on a used Nikon D3000 that I found on Amazon for an amazing deal! Basically ended up spending half the amount that I thought I was going to have to spend and I will say, though not super fluent with the camera stuff quite yet, I can tell this is going to be a good beginner camera. So now I’m looking up e-books, blogs, and YouTube classes on how to take decently good pictures with it! I happened upon and subscribed to an incredible blog that really helps with all things photo related. Courtney Slazinik over at Click it Up a Notch really does a great job of inspiring and teaching photography skills, but most importantly, makes it seem easy and exciting!


WHEAT BERRIES, HOMEMADE HUMMUS, SWISS CHARD LEAVES AS WRAPS, & TRADER JOE’S HONEY WHEAT PRETZELS: Ok, that’s a lot of food! I know, I know. But these are the new and newly brought back loves of my food pantry and fridge! Wheat berries are like little gems and I’m loving them as a side or in a salad like this one. Discovering how easy it is to make hummus was a God-send. I pretty much have been putting it on everything these days…on salad, as a dip for roasted veggies, on toast, on its own just by the spoonful (awkward face). Swiss Chard leaves, guys, make the coolest wraps. I’ve rolled up sweet potato, quinoa, and beans in them, used them to make enchiladas, and even just chopped them up to beautify a bowl of grits and eggs. And lastly, Trader Joe’s Honey Wheat Pretzels! I ate these a ton in college (discovered them Junior year), but for some reason I put them at rest and didn’t buy them for some time. Then, earlier this month Paul suggested we throw them in our shopping cart and once again I was hooked! I mostly eat them plain, but with peanut butter…ultimate snack-athon bizz. 


THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES BY GARY CHAPMAN: Paul got me this book for my birthday this year. Though I already had heard a lot of people talk about “love languages”, I’d never officially read the book. It was a game-changer and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! Basically, the author is a marriage and family counselor who speaks on the thought that everyone has a love language, or a way that they most feel loved in life. The book is mainly geared towards couples, but can be applied to any relationship. The five love languages include physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, and quality time. He brings up the point that if you’re not getting adequate love by your love language then you’re “love tank” will deplete and you won’t feel loved by the other person. But the opposite thought is determining what your significant other’s love language is so that you can better show love to that person and fill their “love tank”. Paul and I talked about what our different love tanks are, and actually both of our main languages are quality time! Another close second one that I value is acts of service. It’s been so cool to reach out to each other throughout the month and try to shower the other with love in their specific love language. Check it out for yourself:  The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

REDISCOVERING MY LOVE FOR RUNNING OUTSIDE: I’ve talked before about how my workouts are mostly indoor workouts these days due to lack of adequate running locations nearby as well as just the time factor. I used to love going for a long run on a trail in the fresh air, and just recently have rediscovered how much I love and feel refreshed when I run! Definitely the majority of my workouts are still indoor HIIT workouts, but the occasional long run is so cleansing and rejuvenating when the weather allows. One of my favorite places to run up here is the Rockerfeller State Park Preserve where there are thousands of different routes to take and get lost in! Sadie, as always, is my constant companion and motivator out on the trails. 


So there you have it, January…you came with some good things! What are your loves from January? What new things have you tried and loved…or brought back and cause you to reminisce? Comment below and let me know. 





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