Endurance-Building Treadmill Workout

Running is such a great exercise that improves both strength and endurance. But sometimes weather and location makes running on a treadmill the only option. Today I want to share with you a fun treadmill workout that is far from monotonous and boring. Get ready to change your body with this Endurance-Building Treadmill Workout! 

I love running! I know that not everyone enjoys the free feeling and adrenaline rush that running brings, but I’d probably chose running over any other exercise. I love feeling the wind blow past me while running a trail along the river, and the rush that comes with sprinting to the end of a trail! Running is a great workout that can be done almost anywhere and is effective for strengthening bones and muscles, while improving circulation and boosting metabolism. But unfortunately, running outside is not always practical. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good place to run that’s safe and enjoyable, and other times the weather at certain times of the year (now) prohibits you from being able to get outside. That’s why treadmill workouts can be so great! 

A lot of people get on a treadmill and just run on the basic settings. Which, yeah, that’s ok I guess. But what really causes major calorie burn and muscle build-up is when you play around with the settings. You know, the arrows labeled Incline and Speed? I once heard someone criticize treadmill workouts because she said that they were not nearly as effective as running outside and that you missed the changing terrain you get when running trails and roads. I don’t disagree that running outside can for sure be more enjoyable, but I definitely don’t think you have to torture yourself running outside when the weather is bad or the area is unenjoyable. 

That being said, this treadmill workout will give you the feel and burn of running outside and you’l find that it’s way more effective than the regular ole’ basic settings from the Quick Start option. And another great thing? You don’t have to be a marathon runner to be able to enjoy this workout. I’ll provide a beginner’s option, intermediate option, and advanced option that you can work at from whatever your fitness level is. I PROMISE that this workout will change your body like no other treadmill workout you’ve ever done before! You’ll notice yourself getting faster and feeling stronger as you continue to repeat the workout. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to be a huge runner! I ran almost every day to the point that it was unhealthy. What I thought was good for my body was actually harmful as I grew skinner and skinner (the unhealthy way)! I was obsessed! Today, though, I have found freedom from feeling the need to run every day to be healthy. I’ve realized that being healthy means being active throughout the day and finding moderation with exercise. I, personally, don’t like to run or do rigorous exercise more than 3 days a week because I believe that amount is healthy for me. Then, on the other days, I may do a light workout with weights or just stay active and on my feet more at my job. This practice has lead me to feel stronger, more confident, and able to enjoy life more without the fear of missing a workout. 

Ok, let’s get down to the work! This workout takes 30 mins to complete and will leave you feeling stronger and more confident! Before starting though, begin with a 5 min warm-up of either brisk walking or a slow job at neutral incline. Then finish and cool-down with a walk and stretch. 





Work through this workout and grow in strength, posture, endurance, and overall confidence! If you try it let me know! Post a photo of yourself post workout and #steelnchiffon and tag me @steelnchiffon! 


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