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Things I’m Loving In…February!

February  has been a crazy one for sure. But it’s no doubt still been such an enjoyable month here for me…days of blizzards and cuddled up warm inside with a good book as well as days of sunshine and 70 degrees, days perfect for an enjoyable run outside. Today I’m sharing things I’ve loved in February, and I guarantee you’ll love them too!

To start I just want to say thank you to all of you who read this blog! I’m so grateful for the support and kind comments. This has been a passion brewing inside of me for a while and it’s absolutely delightful knowing others share this same passion. Side note, but just wanting to say thank you today! 

This month I want to focus not only on material things I’m diggin’, but also those non-tangible things that bring life! Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they’re not important. 

THE 14TH STREET/UNION SQUARE FARMER’S MARKET: If you’ve ever been to New York and missed out on the Farmer’s Market at Union Square I’m sooo sorry! Basically it was this farmers-market-loving girl’s heaven. There’s something so basic and fulfilling about talking to local growers and bakers and cheese-makers! And buying local is always a plus. Sadly, right now there were only root vegetables and apples in the realm of produce, but I’m soo looking forward to spring and summer when the vegetables will be more plentiful! We did, however, buy and enjoy a delicious sunflower/flax loaf of bread along with some fresh and local grass-fed ground beef which was delicious. Paul had never tried local meat…and he’s hooked! If you have a farmer’s market in your area be sure to check it out! There’s always fun people to chat with and delicious and fresh food to purchase. Sister can’t go wrong!

SPROUTS AND SPROUTING SPROUTS: That’s a mouthful! A dear friend at work knew I had a hobby in growing things and healthy foods so she gave me a pack of sprouts to grow. Having never sprouted beans and seeds before, I decided to give it a whirl. It was so much fun seeing beans sprout in just a few days! And yielded a tasty treat in the end that’s delicious topped on salad, a sandwich, or eaten plain as a snack. This pack of beans contained mung beans and adzuki beans, and I can’t wait to try more different beans and seeds to sprout. 

FARING WELL BLOG: Speaking of sprouting, I love Jessie’s method over at And ok, being honest,  every single recipe and post is mind blowing. Jessie over on Faring Well is probably one of my favorite bloggers that I follow. She has such a simple style and delicious recipes. Her recipes are vegan, but cater to everyone’s tastebuds. Her photography makes you feel at peace with the world with the calm and clean lighting, and her writing hits home every time. Check her out at 

KEEPING DATES SIMPLE WITH MY MAN: February is the month of love, right? This month Paul and I have found joy in each other and our relationship with keeping dating simple. Recently, that’s looked like spending Friday nights at Barnes & Noble reading while sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying an appetizer and dessert (that’s right, the best parts of a meal…right!). Keeping dates simple allows us to focus on each other instead of what we’re doing or where we’re at. There’s less distraction and more intentional time spent getting to know the other person more deeply. This, I’ve found, is crucial to a healthy marriage. But also, it’s a fun challenge! 

So that’s that. These are just a few of the things that have stuck out to me in February, though I’m finding joy in and loving many other things in this life right now. And I feel that the more I think about why I have joy every morning, it’s because I’m consciously looking for the good in this world instead of dwelling on the bad. There will always be bad things that come our way, but it’s important to still choose to see good, choose to love life, and choose joy. 


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