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3 New Ways to Jazz Up Your Nut & Seed Butter Toasts

Today I want to expand your taste buds with toast, 3 different ways with 3 different nut/seed butters that will blow your mind! 

I love TOAST! I think if I were strictly gluten-free I’d go crazy because toast accompanies a lot of my breakfasts. Wait, just kidding, not just breakfast. Toast may accompany MORE than just breakfast in this house…and I’m not ashamed of that one bit! Why limit a food that’s so versatile and can be made so many different ways to just breakfast? 

For years I stuck with plain creamy, salted peanut butter and sliced banana for my toast meals. But then I discovered other flavor combos with varying the type of nut or seed butter with different toppings. Guys! This was such a fun experiment! I absolutely love getting creative in the kitchen with flavor combos, and of course even more excited when it’s a success! Who wouldn’t? 

But I’ll be honest with you…a lot of my recipe testing and creating comes from having a bare fridge and pantry. Desperate times where you’re out of an item necessary for something you’re craving, of course, call for desperate measures of trying new things! 

I oftentimes find myself quick to want to rush out to the store if I’m out of something I want, instead of making due with what I have. Do you ever find yourself in that situation? It’s like there’s an angry beast inside who will only be tamed by the one item you don’t have! It’s killer! Sometimes it gets so bad that I find myself obsessing over that one thing and feel I’ll only be satisfied if I have that item. It sounds like a joke, but it’s a serious problem guys. 

Hi…I’m Victoria, and I get a little crazy when the cravings monster comes out. 

But one thing I’m trying to do this year is make due with what I have and get creative. I try to limit grocery store shopping to only once a week and if I forgot something or decide I’m craving one thing, I make due with what I have and get creative in the kitchen! Not gonna lie, sometimes it’s a disaster. But most of the time I end up forgetting what I was missing in the first place! 

Not only have we saved money with this new habit, but it’s also introduced me to a myriad of different flavors I never would have tried before. The options are endless…and still there’s always more to discover. 

So these toasts are delish and have definitely taken the place of my classic banana peanut butter toast mornings. There’s always a time for classics, but oh so fun to try new things! Let me tell you a little about the different combos…

Up first is the tahini honey hemp toast. That’s right, tahini is more than just a hummus additive. Tahini, if you didn’t know, is just simply a sesame seed butter used frequently in mediterranean dishes. The sesame gives it a bold and almost savory flavor that’s balanced out with the sweetness of honey and then just for fun and omegas, a little shelled hemp seed sprinkled on top! You can find tahini at the grocery store near the ethnic foods. 

Next is the almond butter berry toast. It’s a remake of a peanut butter and jelly, but still combines the salty nut and sweet fruity flavor that the classic offers. This creamy spread is, in my opinion, a little lighter and less oily than peanut butter and sits better on my stomach. The strawberries sliced on top add a nice fresh and juicy taste to the sticky texture of almond butter. You can find almond butter near peanut butter at most grocery stores, or you can try making your own with this recipe which may be a cheaper option for you since almond butter can be a little pricey. 

Last on this toast round-up is my most recent, but definitely a winner…sunflower butter maple squash toast. Sunflower butter is a new one to me, but I LOVE the taste it brings to toast. It’s salty and has that distinct sunflower taste (can’t think of another way to describe sunflower seeds, lol). And topped with creamy roasted butternut squash you have an unlikely combo, but a good one! Drizzle a little maple syrup on top and a dash of cinnamon and you’ve got a delicious and unique new flavor. If you want to try making your own sunflower seed butter, you can follow the same directions for the almond butter on the blog…it’s super easy. 

I’m trying to think which one I like the most, and I really can’t decide! They’re all so unique. They’ll probably be on a toast rotation in this house. 




To make the toasts: 

  1. Tahini Honey Hemp: Toast a slice of your favorite toast bread. I use a sprouted bread most of the time because it’s usually better for my stomach. Then top with a tablespoon of tahini, drizzle with honey and top with a sprinkle of shelled hemp seeds. 
  2. Almond Butter Berry: Toast your favorite bread. Then top with either store bought almond butter or your homemade almond butter. Slice some strawberries and place on top. 
  3. Sunflower Butter Maple Squash: Toast your favorite bread. Top with sunflower sed butter, homemade or store bought. Slice up some steamed butternut squash and place on top. Drizzle with a little maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon. 


Hey, if you try out these new toast combos let me know! Just take a photo and tag #steelnchiffon on Instagram!

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    Christine S
    March 5, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Have you ever stirred the honey directly into the tahini? For some reason, stirring the two together makes the tahini get really thick and more paste-like than it’s usually runny consistency. My kids would eat it by the spoonful and I don’t mind since tahini is FULL of calcium and the raw honey is full of great stuff too! I’m loving seeing all your recipes and thoughts on your blog!

  • Reply
    March 5, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    No I haven’t tried that Christine, but that sounds amazing! I have many fond memories when I was little of eating peanut butter on a spoon for a treat and I’m sure your kids will also of the tahini honey combo 🙂

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