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Things I’m Loving in… April

Here’s another post to the series “Things I’m loving in…”, where I share things I’ve discovered each month and found I love! This month is, of course, all things spring. 

March was here and gone, so I’m sad to say I missed the “Things I’m Loving In” series post for March. But we’re picking back up with April and I’m sharing things I’ve been really enjoying this month with the hope that maybe you’ll love them too!

April showers bring May flowers has been the theme of this month. Like, I’m almost drowning in the amount of rain we’ve had. But thankfully, all the rain has paid off and now all of the trees are blooming and flowering! Maybe you’ve noticed, I’m kinda obsessed with all things floral. So, naturally, spring is my favorite time of year. 

It’s nice getting outside more often again. I’ve enjoyed getting back to walking along the nearby trail at work when I’m on my lunch break and making it to the farmers markets again. People are smiling more and showing more love for life. 

Here’s a few things I’m loving this month, as we’re all enjoying spring weather…

  1. Leeks, Asparagus, & Peas: AKA the typical spring vegetables. Try these veggies in separate dishes or combined for a perfectly seasonal dish that will make everyone smile. Leeks are something new I tried this year, and I’ll tell you one thing, they’re a major winner in my book! I’ve done them sautéed as in this dish, as well as roasted with other veggies. They add a subtle onion flavor that’s more sweet than spicy. They’re mild and fresh, just like the weather this time of year. I’m picking up asparagus pretty much every time I go to the grocery store these days. Asparagus is a very seasonal item for me…not a fan of it all year round. But when it’s in season, I make the most of it and either roast it in the oven or quickly sauté. It’s best when just barely cooked with a slight char on the outside. And peas! So typical of spring. These veggie are actually very high in protein and can be a filling option for meatless entrees. Try them in soups to add a spring flair, or in a risotto, or even in pasta with a creamy sauce. Ooh, wow, that sounds delish…I know what I’ll be cooking next!
  2. Podcasts: Ok, I’m officially on the podcast train. I randomly decided to listen to a podcast one day at the gym and now I’m hooked! I will listen to one while cleaning the house, while cooking, on my lunch break, and like I said… at the gym. There’s a few I’m really into right now, all serving a different purpose for me. I try to have some that are just fun, some that are educational, as well as some that help me grow spiritually. Here’s a few that are on my playlist:  A Couple Cooks Podcast, That’s So Maven, Be Still Be Free Podcast, Bethel Church Podcast, Market Beautifully Podcast, and The Wellpreneur Podcast. 
  3. Pour-over coffee: Never before would I have thought I’d want a coffee pour-over at home. I thought I was a traditionalist with a good ole normal coffee maker. But having a small apartment, and wanting to venture towards more minimalist living, Paul and I decided it was time to downgrade to a pour-over coffee maker. We tried the French Press for a while, but didn’t like that it left “mud” at the bottom of the mug. And it seemed such an ordeal to make the coffee. So, after some research, we decided to try out this pour-over coffee pot. And the verdict…I don’t think I ever want to go back! It takes up so little space, it’s quick, and it makes a good, standard cup of coffee every time! 
  4. C.S. Lewis’s book, “Readings for Meditation & Reflection”: This book has been my morning devotional book all month, and will be still next month probably. I love C.S. Lewis’s writing. First off, because I feel so smart reading it. But also because it forces me to think so deeply! This book is wonderful because it’s little snippets of writings from a bunch of his books…just enough to read and dwell on the writings, but not get overwhelmed. Starting my day off with quiet thought, meditation, & prayer is so important to me being able to go through my day with peace. If you’re looking for something to help you in this area, this book is a great option!

So, hopefully you’ll be inspired to try some of these things I’m loving this month! If you do end up trying any of these things, or if you have thoughts of things you’re loving this month, please share! I’m excited to read what you guys think. 

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    April 29, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    Pour over coffee is so good! I think it’s crazy how the same coffee can taste so different just by how it’s brewed. Thanks for the podcast recommendations! I love listening to them at work 🙂

    • Reply
      April 29, 2017 at 5:43 pm

      I agree! I love a well-brewed cup of coffee. And hope you like the podcasts!

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