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The Bold & Confident Woman

We’ve had a history of being told to be quiet. Some of us have experienced abuse because we’ve spoken our mind, physical or verbal. Maybe others have been ignored in speaking once and now feel useless ever expressing their opinion again. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s to the bold & confident woman, and here’s to empowering her in her strength & beauty. 

Dear friend, you are vital. 

Did you know that? 

You are a vital piece to your community. You are vital to your family. You are vital to your church body. You are vital to your friends. And not just by the service you do in cooking dinner, cleaning the house, folding the laundry, and carting kids to and from school (I’m not quite in the kids part of things…right now I’m carting my husband to and from school while sharing a car). But dear one, you are vital in your leadership. 

Lately I’ve been majorly challenged by the Lord in this. I’m a seeker of comfort by nature (aren’t we all?). And standing up for your beliefs is not a comfortable thing all the time. I would rather clean the house, cook dinner, fold the laundry, etc than go out and boldly share my faith. But then, this week, I came across a story of a woman in the bible who is not often talked about, but of whom we can learn greatly from! 

I was listening to a podcast on my lunch break as I usually do, and this one in particular really spoke to me. I’ve been dwelling on it all weekend. The topic was, “Be Willing”, and the focus was on a woman named Deborah in the bible. Now, I’d heard of Deborah before. I knew she was a warrior of Israel. But learning more of who she was gave me so much conviction in my own fear of discomfort and my fear of being bold. 

You can read the story of Deborah here

Deborah was a prophetess from the Lord. Basically, God spoke to her and she shared the message with the entire tribe of Israel. I’m thinking, “What pressure!” She had so many people looking up to her, counting on her. Probably getting angry at her because maybe what God spoke wasn’t always what they wanted to hear. But she stood firm in her service to the Lord. 

Not only was she a prophetess, she was a leader, or judge, of the Israelites. That meant, leading them in battle and bringing them out of captivity. She commanded men in the route they should take in war and delivered them out of their enemies hands. Talk about courage! 

But what I was most convicted of when learning more of who Deborah was, was that I am not bold in my faith. I don’t speak the word the Lord has given me unashamedly. I cower and hide when controversial topics come up. I keep silent when pop culture says certain things against God’s will are OK. But mostly, I do not share my story that includes how God has rescued me from a life of doing things my way into a life of freedom and beauty and strength in His One Holy Name! 

I’m near tears right now just thinking about how God has blessed my life and brought me from darkness to light. 

God is peace, and love, and compassion…just like many of you have these qualities. But God is also defined by STRENGTH, BOLDNESS, POWER, AND A FIERCE AWE. 



God does not want you to be silent. Not because He needs you to speak up to make his plans come into place…but because He loves you and wants you to experience His glory in bringing life to those around you. He used Deborah to keep his people from harm, to lead them in His ways, and He can use YOU! You don’t have to wait around to be “called” to leadership. You are already called! God went ahead and called you to leadership when you first became His child. No matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert, or anti-people person…you will only be truly comfortable when you are bold in God’s will for you. You are vital to the plan God has for His people. Just like he used Deborah, He wants to use you. 

Do you dare to be BOLD

Do you dare CONFIDENCE


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