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25 Positive Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day

How you start your day is so important to staying positive. It makes all the difference to your mindset and your actions. Here are 25 morning affirmations to tell yourself for a positive start to the day.

So many women struggle to change negative thoughts into positive ones. They start their day waking up, maybe immediately stepping into the bathroom, looking in the mirror and the negative thoughts start pouring in.

The thing with negative thoughts, though, is you have control over them. You don’t have to succumb to the destructive sentences that may flood your mind about how you look, how you feel, or how you perceive yourself. You are a beautiful creation, but sadly, there are so many factors in the world today that try to destroy that truth. 

But you know what? The incredible thing is, when we decide to no longer let evil take hold of our thoughts, we stop allowing negative thoughts take hold. When we actively start the day with positive thoughts instead of negative ones, we will notice a change of heart. What may initially feel unnatural to tell yourself will soon enough become an easy truth, a truth you actually believe! Doesn’t that sound incredible?


Here are 25 positive affirmations to start your day and start believing.

1. I am a beautiful created being, made with purpose. 
2. I am not held captive to negative thoughts.
3. I don’t have to prove my worth by being perfect.
4. I am created for a purpose…I am part of a beautiful plan and have worth.
5. I am in my current situation for good…there is purpose in all my circumstances.
6. Each chapter in my life has a reason, I don’t have to worry about the future.
7. I will provide the food I need…I don’t have to worry about how I will be sustained.

8.  My body has purpose, a living temple. Living a healthy life is more than just outward appearance, but for honoring my body. 
9. My body is created to be enjoyed! It is a beautiful creation and has great ability to do good. 
10. I have a body that is free to enjoy movement, not because it is forced to, but because it is beneficial for the soul.
11. When I feel weak, it’s ok to rest…it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow down.
12. Taking care of my body gives me a power to do good for others.
13. Rest is good for me, I am better able to be in tune with my spirit.
14. I am a strong woman, even when I feel defeated, because of the person inside of me.
15. I choose to have peace even when the world is crazy around me.
16. Every need I have will work out in due time.
17. Even if my health fails me, I have the power of a healthy body through a healthy mind.
18. I will receive true life not when I obsess over myself, but when I deny myself and seek to serve others.
19. I am a work in progress, and it is a beautiful process.
20. Even when I feel low and discouraged, I have power.
21. When I am uncertain and scared, there is one inside me who can bring me peace and guidance.
22. True health and nourishment comes from a healthy body, mind, & spirit.
23. My true value is my heart…the most beautiful piece of me.
24. My inner Spirit is greater than any other in the world…no negative thought can overtake me.
25. I alone am not complete unless I find health in my body, mind, and spirit.


I hope you believe these truths, dear friend. And I pray that if you don’t, you repeat these statements in your head until you do believe them. If you’re feeling discouraged, look back at where the Lord has brought you. Look back at where you were and where you are now. You are free! You are free from the bondage of negative thoughts. Take that freedom and believe it. 


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