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Be Kind to Your Cravings

Everybody’s got cravings. It’s a way of life. Anyone who tries to give you “5 steps to eliminate your cravings” is lying to you. That’s right…I said it…they’re a liar! But no worries, that’s exactly why  want to share with you a different approach to cravings. I want to give you permission to accept your cravings, know how to interpret them and deal with them…I want for you to be kind to your cravings. 

You see that up there (wish I had an arrow pointing upwards). That’s an ice cream cone of Cookie Butter Ice Cream from Trader Joes. Guyyys…. This. Ice. Cream. Little side note…I LOVED doing this photo shoot for this post because it involved licking all the melted ice cream drips as the sun shone on this little cone until, little by little, well…bye bye ice cream! 

Let me just start this post by giving you a little glimpse into former me. Former me would never have bought this ice cream. First of all, this is good ole, real, old fashioned, cream and sugar ice cream. Old me would have stuck to fro-yo and never strayed. But man oh man, I see the light! Real ice cream is, well, REAL! 

Former me would have been afraid of indulgences. I would have feared allowing myself this treat, and would have rather settled for ice cream’s wanna be instead, which promised less calories, less fat, and therefore being able to eat more. I know, I know, crazy thought! 

And former me would have tried to use exercise as a way to justify eating this ice cream. Either I would have HAD to exercise pre- ice cream indulgence or I would have HAD to exercise like crazy the day after. Not the healthiest mindset to say the least. 

I don’t know about you, but when I crave real, cream and butter stuff, my body wants that and only that! It says, “Don’t you try to trick me with the counterfeit healthy stuff!” I know what I want, and that’s what I’m gonna get, by golly! 

Lol, I think I’m getting a little carried away. You can blame the ice cream I ate before writing this post for the sugar high I have right now. Just kidding. Maybe. Ok, probably. It’s called stream of consciousness, guys!

But let’s be serious. Cravings are a real deal! And our bodies are amazing beings that we, far too often, don’t give credit. They have the ability to sense a deficit. They know a need and do all that they can to get that need met. 

Hence, your cravings. 

Well, most of the time at least. 

So many people diss cravings and give us the false impression that cravings are unhealthy. But I beg to differ! Cravings, my friend, are the essence of being healthy. But, being able to decipher what your cravings mean is essential! 




What is a craving even? A craving is anything your mind thinks incessantly about in order to get your body to indulge. Today we’re talking about food cravings, though. 

Like I said, people oftentimes don’t give cravings very much credit. Think about how your body feels after a weekend away, eating out every night. What does your body crave? Most likely, you’ll probably be craving to say home and eat a veggie-dense meal for your first night back in your normal routine. What about after you’ve just run a 5K in the blazing heat? Your body craves ice cold water to cool it down and hydrate. What about an hour or so after your 5K run? Your body is pretty well recovered and ready to refuel…hence the massive hunger! 

These are just a few examples of how your body’s cravings are essential to it’s healthy function. But what about those “12 o’clock midnight munchies”? Is your body really craving chocolate covered pretzels? Or a whole bag of Doritos? Or a pint of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream? 

Yes and no is my answer to that. 

This is what I want you to do…next time you’re getting those, lets call them “less healthy” cravings, think about how you’re feeling. Sometimes our cravings for those less healthy treats come out of boredom, loneliness, and anxiety. High sugar foods and highly processed treats give our bodies a boost of dopamine in the brain. And yep, you guessed it, dopamine is the pleasure-giving hormone…actually, the same hormone that spikes when someone does heroin. So, back to my yes and no answer to if your body is actually craving less healthy foods. Yes, your body is oftentimes craving those foods because it’s lacking pleasure in other areas of your life. But no, it’s not actually craving the pretzels, Doritos, and Cookie Butter ice cram. It’s looking for a filler, and those high sugar, highly processed options are readily available!

But come on, sometimes you just want an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. You’re happy, you’re getting outside and getting your dopamine fill in other areas of your life. What’s that all about? 

By no means am I saying that you can never enjoy sweets and treats and chips and whatever else you enjoy! Because, I firmly believe a healthy life is all about balance. And balance means including some pleasure in the form of food. I just want for you to be able to be able to understand the healthy way to manage your cravings. I want for you to be able to find pleasure in other areas of your life, rather than just in a container of ice cream by yourself at midnight. I want for you to be able to enjoy food in the way it was intended, to fuel your body and your soul…but not to be your sole source of happiness. 

That’s what being kind to your cravings is all about! Knowing what your body needs when you need it, and responding to that need in a way that is healthy and whole. 

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