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If you’re here you’re probably at least a little bit interested in health, nutrition, wellness, etc. And that’s great because taking care of your body is such an important task we were created to do. Here at Steel & Chiffon, you’ll find that my mission is more than just a healthy body, though. I believe a healthy life encompasses all aspects of living, starting from the inside…out. 

I created Steel & Chiffon with the mission to share this type of living with women. There’s so many factors in the world today that distort the way a healthy life should be. Maybe you’ve experienced this for yourself and tried living a healthy life as portrayed in the media, only to find yourself either in a world of mass restriction of food, or you’ve given up entirely because the standard is too high. 

I want to bring you to a knowledge of a life of FREEDOM! There’s so much that this world has to offer, and together, we can find out more of what that is through balanced, nutritious living that starts with a healthy view of food and exercise. 

My Story: 

Hi, I’m Victoria. I’m a Registered Nurse with a passion for helping women discover what it truly means to take care of their bodies through feeding it well and exercise. I’ve always had a love for nutrition and learning how to “be healthy.” But what started as healthy research quickly turned into an unhealthy obsession. I found myself living in a world where certain foods were off limits, every calorie had to be counted, and exercise was a way to punish myself for poor food decisions. I spent years down this path of destruction…but one day, everything changed. 

Wait…that’s not entirely true (I just felt like that’s how everyone’s story is). It actually took a lot of time to find true freedom from food and to allow myself to really enjoy healthy living. But what started this healthy transformation of my body, mind, & spirit was seeing others around me live out this life of freedom! 

If you’ve found yourself struggling with finding balance in eating healthy and exercising, if you’re sick of fad diets and exercising as punishment, if you’re ready for a life that’s focused on strength & beauty from the inside out, then…I’m so glad you’re here! I want to help you find that balanced life you’re looking for. 

A little on my philosophy on food: 

Like I said, I’ve learned to love food at a new level! I see food as the fuel for our bodies and spirits. I mean, there are definitely times when chocolate, ice cream, and a glass of wine are a must, and you’ll get your fare share of sweets here. But for most of my recipes I’ll be focusing on wholesome and nourishing food. I encourage women in a non-diet approach to eating that is non-restricting and life-bringing! Food should be celebrated…not cursed! 

A little on my philosophy on fitness: 

Everyone’s fitness preferences are different. Mine, for one, change on the daily! But my goal is to give real encouragement and inspiration to be the strong and beautiful woman you were made to be! We were created to be active and not slothful, but also to enjoy this life we were given. Some of my favorite ways to move my body are running, walking, and [newly] swimming! As much as I can I try to exercise outdoors because that’s where I feel the most fulfilled in my workouts…but there’s times a good gym session calls my name! 

I hope you’ll find a comfy chair, a cup of tea, and sit with me a while. There’s so much to learn in how to become strong & confident, beautiful & graceful women…how better than to do it together! You with me?

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