Why Wellness? 

Wellness is more than just eating well and exercising a couple of times a week. Wellness encompasses a whole body, whole life health. It’s about lifestyle instead of just outward health. 

Are you sick of the diet culture that surrounds you? People constantly talking about their latest cleanse and what new green smoothie they tried? Are you longing for consistent healthy living, but don’t want the ridges that are associated with current health trends? 


You’re in the right place!


Living a healthy life is hard. 

Not to mention, there’s an endless amount of information out there on how to live a healthy life…in the media, ads, magazines, etc…but how much actually works? And how much of it is actually practical? How much is just plain wrong!? 

I spent years doing everything I could to live a “healthy life”, spent hours doing research, more hours putting what I read into practice, and even more hours worrying. But it was obsessive. And it was unhealthy.

But I’ve found healing in the food that I eat. My mindset has changed, and now. Food is the fuel for my body…not something to be feared.  

I’m a Registered Nurse & Mindful Eating Coach with a passion to share knowledge of how to find balance with living a healthy life with women, especially those struggling with body image. That’s why I’ve developed three programs to help you get the results you want, not only for your physical body, but also for your mind…regardless of where you are right now. My desire is for  you to gain the tools you need to start living a more wholesome life with a healthy mind. I want you to find true WELLNESS







Wellness Coaching is launching in August, but…Want a sneak peak into what wellness coaching could do for you? 

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